Assistance Not Resistance

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The life of a student is not an easy one. It encompasses long hours in one position, sitting a lot, eating like shit, being stressed, being broke, and at times being incredibly sleep deprived. Most of us have experienced some form of living on the edge of financial extinction at some point in our lives, but students deserve massive credit. I mean…we go for years! The amount of hoops that students jump through to reach their imaginative dreams is incredible. Thanks guys…for including the part about where you get into debt…

Anyways, we are told that a college education will solve a lot of our problems and to a certain extent that is true in some ways. However, I would challenge this notion. It is not good to blindly except a path that another has created simply because they tell you this is the right path. It sounds obvious, but it is proving a really hard one for a lot of smart people to grasp. If it was really as simple as it seems, then maybe we would have stopped feeding the military industrial complex and stopped bombing middle eastern countries for simply existing. Maybe we would not be catering to corporations like Amazon, that make billions of dollars and still pay their workers minimum wage for long hours. Maybe we would actually get money out of politics. Maybe we would treat women fairly and try a little harder to stop 137 women from being killed every day by an intimate partner or family member. If the concept of challenging the status quo was easier to internalize, then maybe our government would have learned from the history of wiping out the First Nation through genocide and discrimination.

Trump is not the root of the problem, folks. He is the symptom of a deeply embedded, systemic sepsis that has infected this country with corruption, greed, racism, incredible wealth disparity, a health care system that is failing the majority of Americans, and a military industrial complex that produces dombs and is the largest consumer of fossil fuels on the planet.

A recent IPCC report that came out, pointed out the disturbing reality that some of us have known for a while now, that we have twelve years…roughly to turn our priorities, our lifestyles, and our fossil fuel consumption 180 degrees around. Instead of relying on large agrobusiness for meat, we must turn to small scale and independent farmers. Instead of RoundUp, we must start using plant based, natural products for agriculture. Instead of fossil fuel burning cars, we must start driving 100% electric and solar powered transportation, end of story. Instead of plastic, we must start using cloth, paper, and other products that do not create islands of waste in the middle of the ocean that birds, seals, and even whales get trapped and stranded on. Instead of bombs, we must invest is solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy. Instead of planting land mines abroad, we must start planting trees right here at home to soak up carbon dioxide.

This is a crisis. It has been for many years. Humans are the proven problem and now we must grieve, cope, move on, and chang our ways if we want to prevent a cataclysmic disaster. Sea levels will rise, temperatures will rise causing a change in the planets natural biofeedback mechanisms, our air will be so polluted we will be sickened by breathing it as some people already are, our water will dry up and become so salty it will be undrinkable. I know that it is difficult to see how the issues we are taught to compartmentalise and separate all the time are interconnected, but we must come to a place of understanding.

It must be known that the situation we are in at this moment is not an accident. We did not get here through “evil forces” or accidents. We got to a political divisive, destructed climate by choices.

Get planting! Get solar! Stick together!