meaning: to devote time, effort, oneself to a particular task or purpose

What have you dedicated yourself too? Has it been a while since you felt dedicated?

I wanted to take a moment to contemplate what dedication means to me personally and how it relates to the context of my life and circumstances. I think that the word dedicated would be appropriate to describe me. I have done hard physical labor as a farm hand, a waitress, a food service associate, and a cashier. My real dedication for many years now has been developing my career. In order to do this I have had to commit to being a fulltime student for a long time. I have put off many of my passions in order to get the credentials I need to be able to have the career and the lifestyle that I want. It has meant working part-time, saving my money, wearing ripped jeans  and outfits from a haphazard wardrobe, and, in general, living with a make do mentality.

I am now in the last semester of nursing school when the academic portion will be completed and classes will be done. Ultimately, my next challenge will be getting my license by sitting for the boards in the state I decide to work in. Currently, I am pursuing New Graduate Residency programs at various hospitals in order to get specialized training that will help me reach my goal of working in critical care.

It is a highly intense time emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically because change is coming, some things will end and some new things will start, paths will cross, diverge and change, and many obstacles will have been faced. As I take a moment to reflect on my journey, I am proud of this concept of dedication or the devotion of self to a particular focus. It has not come without cost.

I invite you, as only a yoga teacher can, to think about what your dedications are both for yourself and for others? What motivates you? Are there things that pull you out of bed in the morning or lull you into good dreams at night? Dwell upon them for as long as you like, but be specific.

Here are a few of mine:

1. ICU RN Residency/Get CCRN/Masters in Nursing minor in Global Health/Women’s Health NP

2. Pre-natal yoga Teacher Training

3. Volunteer

4. Homestead- garden, beekeep, chickens, goats, dogs, elderberries

5. Travel to six  of seven continents-

Asia: Turkey, Jordan, Russia, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: Morocco, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Gambia, Zimbabwe

Europe: Italy, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ireland,

South America: Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Central America: Belize, Panama

North America: Alaska, California

At the end of a journey, another will always begin. It can be hard to work for so long, have your nose to the grindstone, and suddenly realize that soon you will have time, you will not be cooped up in a library all day, and that you will not have to live on $50/week. I just want to take a minute to celebrate being able to pay my debt back, some day buy a truck if they ever make an energy efficient one that isn’t super expensive, and still be able to not go broke! Here’s to holding on to some positive ideas when things get rough.

Have fun, and always Root to Rise!