Solidarity With Ilhan Omar

I recently came across a disturbing, but not new, trend of congress members putting donors above each other in the interest of covering for sources of money and support. As a result, the people suffer, innocent Palestinians continue to be attacked, moved from their land, and prevented from having and exercising their rights.

Congresswoman Nita Lowry recently wrote a disturbing message to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accusing her of anti-semitism. What Nita Lowry has failed to understand is the distinctions between being Jewish, the Israeli government, and anti-semitism.

I want to end the misunderstanding surrounding the issue of Israel, Palestine, and anti-semitism once and for all.

Questioning Israel is not anti-semitic, end of story. Functional government and the theory of democracy is based on debate and calling out corruption, violence, deceit, and anything that threatens the will of the people.

Calling out the violence and corruption of a government is not the same as holding racist views against the Jewish people. It is like mistaking a cabbage for a pineapple. They are different.

Using Nita’s logic, anyone who questions Trump’s misogyny, and racist bigotry is also prejudiced against American people. This is not a rational conclusion.

What is unjust, here, is forcing Ilhan Omar to defend her right to civil discourse. What is unjust is continuing to allow Israel to maintain an apartheid against Palestine without standing up for Palestinian rights.

What is unjust here is not examining the facts which show on numerous occasions that the Israeli government and military have commited crimes against humanity, and are disobeying international law.

What is disturbing is the fact that with each passing day Palestinian lives are lost. For Congresswoman Nita Lowry to defend a person such as Benjamin Netanyahu and a nation such as Israel is to be complicit in the murder of Palestinian women, children, members of the press, and those with disabimities who have, on video footage, been shown singled out by Israeli snipers getting shot, killed or having to have mimbs amputated as a result.

It is unacceptable for anyone to attack another person for being anti-semitic when they do not understand the terminology they use so clumsily. Congresswoman Nita Lowry succeeds only in exposing her profound ignorance on the true meaning of peace, freedom and social justice.

It is a humiliation to have people such as Nita Lowry in congress who are so caught up in the herd mentality of corporate greed and oil interests that they have lost sight, if they ever had it, of the human struggle for survival, dignity, safety, and purpose.

The people stand with Ilhan Omar. We support human rights for all people including the Palestinians. We will not be intimidated and forced to be silenced by misplaced accusations and empty threats that are not backed up by truth. We will continue to question all governments including our own that wage war, use our hard earned money to wage these wars, and continue to refuse to spend that money on programs like single payer health care, free education, climate friendly energy and infrastructure or repairing the road in front of the hospital down the street that is undrivable. When you, Nita Lowry, spend my tax money on bombs against my consent, be prepared to get a piece of my mind.

The people are with you Ilhan !  Stay strong !

– Root to Rise