Review: Gaza Fights For Freedom

This week I am inspired by a documentary, Gaza Fights For Freedom, by Abby Martin and it is this documentary and the Palestinian struggle that will be the subject of this week’s content. I will give you a concise overview of the Palestinian genocide, followed by my review of the documentary, and then briefly talk about the journalist who is responsible for making it. In addition, a link will be posted so that all readers can easily access the documentary.

Part 1: Genocide 

definition: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation

The people of Palestine are indigenous to the region and have ancestral ties to it. As a result of the Israeli occupation Palestinians are forcibly removed from their homes, violently killed and humiliated and terrorized, and endure increasing infringement on their human rights.

Gaza is a Palestinian territory occupied by Israel and is under its control. The Israeli Defense Forces have been terrorizing and murdering the people of Gaza by imposing strict militarized borders with shoot to kill orders should anyone get too close. This border serves as a means to prevent people from freely moving for the purposes of work, school, social activities, and just general freedom. The border serves to control people through fear of being shot. The border also serves to prevent necessities from getting in such as food, clean water, medical supplies, or construction supplies to rebuild the destruction of homes and infrastructure destroyed by Israeli air raids and bombings.

According to the United Nations, Gaza will be unlivable by 2020. That is why it is important to become informed about the Palestinian struggle for their rights and to spread information about the genocide that is being carried out against them and to try and understand the irreperable damage that has already been done.

2: Gaza Fights For Freedom by Abby Martin 

Gaza Fights For Freedom by Abby Martin will break down the March of Return, the Gaza territory, the people living their, and depict the truth of the Palestinian resistance. Through the use of the natural beauty of Gaza, the bravery of the people of Gaza, and the stories they tell of life there, the underlying history and genocide reveal themselves in full barbarity. One by one Abby tells the story of life in Gaza, the March of Return, and the occupation from the perspectives of different groups that are fighting for human rights and freedoms for themselves and their families.

3: Abby Martin 

Abby Martin is an investigative journalist that is commited to discovering and sharing the truth. She has been a voice for indigenous women who don’t have a platform for their struggles and their lives. She started an alternative news outlet called Media Roots that is meant to challenge the mainstream news narrative. She has been on the frontlines and on the ground in locations related to her stories from Venezuela to Gaza.

Most importantly, she is a woman with passion and a genuine authenticity that is hard to find in general and impossible to find in mainstream media. She is a believer in connecting people and building community through journalism that writes the people’s narrative.

To watch this incredibly informative and profound documentary that will share a story no where to be found in mainstream media, go to the link below: