A House In the Sky

During the month of November I have been reading A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout. It was recommended to me by a family member who reads a lot and so I was interested in seeing what it was all about. It was the right decision.

This book teaches us the danger, the power, and the damage of under estimation. When we under estimate ourselves we risk not fully realizing our potential, we risk not speaking our truth when it matters most, and we risk our self worth. Amanda’s story has layers. A rough and tumble upbringing with glints of self assurance, awareness, hopes and aspirations, but mixed in with those things are self doubt and uncertainty.

The tension from the story comes, for the reader, from the fact that she does have what it takes to leave, to change, to discover the world without prejudice, and to be open to experiences. It would be easy to begin this book and under estimate her, but layer by layer, chapter by chapter, Amanda builds a story of heart, strength, authenticity, and a story that is ultimately about survival and what will see us through our darkest moments.

This book incorporates travel, many different cultures, adventure, and self exploration.

~ Peace