Self Discovery: Part One

Hello dearest,

There is so much within you and your journey is far from over.

It has been a hard and wild road, but you are making memories, marks, and a few scars a long the way.

All is well. All is well, now.

Even though, you know, it wasn’t before-

you know you are strong, worthy, brave, loyal, and true.

You chose you. You chose to free yourself from burdens that are not your own-

I am proud of you.

This isn’t about resilience.

It is about survival, instincts, and gut feelings.

When I look in the mirror, I am beginning to see a woman I know.

She looks less hollow and empty and ghostly than a few months ago.

Each day will be filled with choices, opportunities, and people.

Some things you can choose regularly are gratitude, truth, and hope, because those give more over time and don’t take life away from anyone or any place.

And if you forget dedication, just know it is written in small letters on the back of your hand by your thumb in invisible ink. You can read it as many times a day as you choose and still reread it again.

October 22 will be a significant day for you. It will be a day to celebrate alone in some small way perhaps in the middle of the woods or a sunny meadow. It is the day you decided not just to be yourself, but to be your highest self.

All the times you went to the yoga mat and whispered I believe in myself, I treat myself and others with love and respect, my higher self is always looking after me were done with intention.

You can look forward to extraordinary things like



writing all day,

working hard, and

speaking up for people.

You don’t owe anyone anything, and

you do not need to apologize.

All that is left is to close the eyes,

it is beating still,

and smile.

Thank you for this day.

I will just live for a while.