“The world knows you, even when you are lost.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Hi! In 2017 I quit my cashier job, became a critical care nurse, headed to Vietnam, lived in New Orleans for a year, and worked in the ICU during COVID 19...

I want to be of service, learn more about my name and native heritage, engage in social justice, and try to create the world I have always dreamt of living in.

I travelled into the Mekong Delta, hiked in the agricultural center of Dalat, admired many temples and beautiful gardens, learned from the locals and road through the mountains on a moped.

I stood in front of gates that were built centuries before my eyes ever saw them.

I worked and lived in cities full of people trying to get by and appreciated how interconnected we all are.

I went to a hospital all the way around the world and experienced healthcare in a different country and language.

In 2009, during high school I left to become a yoga teacher. I lived, worked, and learned at the Frog Lotus Yoga Studio in North Adams, Massachusetts and obtained my 200 hour yoga certification in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. There I studied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and elements of Ayurvedic Healing.

I created Root to Rise in October 2018 in order to inspire others with some of the things I’ve done and experienced. Sharing my passion for health and wellness, social justice, critical care, and travel makes the ups and downs worth while. Through this website and blog you can come along for the adventure!

My name Naat’áanii refers to leadership, something that encourages growth, and wise woman. In the Hinono’eino language from which I inherited my name, it means beloved daughter.

Before going to nursing school in 2017, I obtained a BA in Literature from The University of Maine, Orono and developed a passion for reading, writing, and engaging in long heated discussions about Sylvia Plath, gender and sexuality matters, and divesting from fossil fuels. It was during nursing school at The University of Maine, Fort Kent that Root to Rise took shape.

In 2019, I began my first year as a critical care nurse during the global pandemic of coronavirus after working for only 2 months on the intensive care unit! Now, after a year, I am working full-time at a community hospital, engaging with indigenous healthcare and activism, and documenting my story on the blog (found here).

About Me:

Author of Root to Rise, creator of Dancing Warrior Yoga an independent yoga teaching business, and works full-time as a critical care nurse. She is passionate about indigenous rights, social justice, and travel.


I enjoy writing about health and wellness on my blog. You can find information on current topics like covid-19, and social justice concerns that are personal to me like Violence Against Indigenous Women. In addition to working full-time as a critical care nurse, I am a licensed hatha and vinyasa yoga instructor. When I am not reading and writing, I can be found exploring the vast expanse of stolen tribal woods and lands where I live, leading yoga sessions through Dancing Warrior Yoga, my independent yoga business, or working on various social justice causes.



Act to End It

  This will not be easy, but I want to share my story…Sharing it will be far easier than living with it tucked away. It is the truth and it has caused me pain. I hope that sharing it will prevent further harm from being done to others. Back in April 2019 I finished up …