In a world burdened with inequity, imperfections, and turmoil socially, politically, economically, environmentally, and spiritually, it is common to be anti-this and anti-that. I asked myself, “What am I for?”

 I am for peace not regime change. I am for all people having health care as a human right. I am for the free and creative development of the mind from pre-school to PhD to child care. I am for a world free of mass incarceration of women and men because they are of color. I am for free and fair elections. I am for the feminist concept that we are all equal and deserve to learn, love, work, play, live, and change in a world that accepts each of us for the unique human that we are.  I am for literacy. I am for Mother Earth. I am for diversity, whomever and however it presents. I am for freedom of the press and investigative journalism. I am for immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees. I am for women. I am in solidarity with the mentally ill. I am for a world that sees and treats mental illness without blame, shame, or stigma. I am for lives that have adequate suicide prevention resources. I am for pre-natal care, contraception, STD screenings, and sexuality education not just sex education. I am for a world that creates men strong enough to fight for women. I am for reparations to the First Nation and the black community. I am for clean air, water, soil. I am for closing the wealth gap and the wage gap. I am for going to the root cause of social inequity, racism, and corporate greed and prosecuting, firing, and educating as necessary. I am for the human rights of the indigenous Palestinians. I am for housing the homeless. Feeding the hungry. I am for stopping the US -Saudi war and genocide in Yemen. I am for fossil fuels staying in the ground. I am for removing weapons and defense contractors from lobbying or serving in congress. #WaroutofWashingtonDC. I am for MADRE, CodePink and Equity Now!