Let’s Talk About It: Women’s Health and Wellness

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In the United States, women make up 50.52% of the population as of 2019, according to the World Bank. There are several health concerns that disproportionately impact women.

Women’s Health

  1. Prenatal Health and Prenatal Health Guide

Prenatal Health

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Having a baby can be an exciting change for women. However, it is a rigorous and complex process that is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding on the woman, her partner, and those involved in her life. Women in various stages of life, economic background, and maturity get pregnant. It is important to make prenatal information available so that more women and girls have access to the information they need to make informed decisions.

  1. Develop a reproductive plan – how many children, cycle regularity, ovulation cycle
  2. Increase intake of folic acid to at least 400 mcg – folic acid helps with neural tube development and prevents spinal cord defects
  3. Get immunized – vaccinations prevent communicable diseases that cause birth defects
  4. Control diabetes and other medical conditions – diabetes can lead to gestational diabetes, and certain medical conditions can increase the risk of pregnancy on the mother
  5. Avoid smoking, drinking, and drugs or seek treatment for existing substance abuse – use of substances during pregnancy leads to fetal addiction and severe birth defects that will impact the child for the rest of life. In severe cases, it can lead to miscarriage or death.
  6. Attain a healthy pre-pregnancy weight and maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy – maintaining a health weight with help protect the mother’s back, joints, and posture as the baby develops and will keep the mother physically fit to go through the birth process
  7. Maintain exercise – exercising during pregnancy should be performed mindfully, but is an important part of the pregnancy journey that will increase flexibility in the hips, strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles, and prepare the woman to mentally endure challenge and physical discomfort

Prenatal health is important because it prepares the body to grow another living creature. Making sure that a woman is starting off with the right amount of nutrients, body weight, and health before pregnancy is ideal to ensuring that the baby has what it needs to develop properly. If there are health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, or other concerns such as stress or contagious illnesses, these could impact the baby as it grows leading to birth defects or learning disabilities after birth.

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